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Container Full Management Package (FMP)

Through the expertise in the shipping and transport industry built up over the past 25 years, ICSB has understood and assisted transport equipment owners by managing all the M&R affairs on their behalf. ICSB Full Management Package (FMP) is conceived to meet that demand.

The FMP exist out of:

  1. Selecting depots based on the best quality in combination with the best price with regards to the storage and the repairs to transport equipment
  2. Registration and reporting of all depot movements.
  3. Checking and bundling of handling and storage invoices.
  4. Performing regular and unexpected depot audits.
  5. Technical advice to owner/operator.
  6. If applicable, holding third parties liable for caused damages.

To allow the principle to keep full control of the M&R management, monthly management statistics summaries are produced, stating all performed inspections per location including original and revised costs.

The advantages for transport equipment owners or lessees of the FMP are that by paying a fixed fee per unit we will verify the claims to the owner/operator

The owner or operator of the equipment can use all the time required for their core business and will save costs on administration and bank fees

For a detail explanation of ICSB Full Management Package, please contact ICSB or any of its representative offices worldwide.

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